[BUG] Perspective Format DateTime transform not detecting timezone

I have a Format DateTime transform that is taking a timestamp in UTC and formatting it. If I set the timezone to America/Chicago, it changes the timezone as expected to the actual time being represented. However, if I set it to auto, it keeps it as the UTC time.

I’m almost certain that there’s something wrong with how the Format transform is working, because if I have this exact same data put into a table, it renders just fine as if the timezone were America/Chicago, so it’s clearly auto-detecting the timezone properly in the table.

The auto setting on the datetime transform defaults to the setting set here, which by default is set to the gateway timezone. Changing this will require that you save and start a new session.

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So there’s no way to detect the browser’s timezone? Is there a way to make the timezone input to the Format transform be bindable? This is kind of inconsistent because of how Table components automatically figure out the browser’s timezone - at least it seems - when using datetime columns.

My use-case here involves an IoT-type system that could involve a wide variety of timezones being used, and it’d be nice to have some ability to change this more dynamically.

The setting “Client Timezone” is the browser timezone.

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Oh I didn’t notice that. Thank you!