[BUG] Perspective: I can copy CSS for styles but I can't paste it back in over the top


I’m trying to bulk-edit styles by copying the style CSS (select style from Designer, right click, copy), pasting into notepad++, editing, copying, then when I try to paste it back into the Designer there’s no Paste option available (it’s greyed out). I’ve resorted to opening all the relevant css files from the resources directory and editing them directly in npp, but it’d be nice if we could just use copy/paste directly. I do note that the copied css has no folder-relative addressing…

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Any chance of a screenshot? It’s not really clear if you’re inquiring about Perspective Styles or props.style.

Sorry, Perspective styles, the ones you create from the project browser where you can define animations and media queries

Oh, I see the behavior now. I missed it first time through. Let me ask around, because I don’t have an answer for you right now.