[BUG] Perspective ignoring "Continue Session" and logging out regardless


I have a 5min inactivity logout set, but when I wait for 4mins and then press Continue Session, it keeps prompting me to continue the session and eventually (fairly sure after 1min), it logs the session out regardless.

I tried this in 8.1.19 and it does not give me the same issue as yours. It maybe worth trying to upgrade if you are on an older version. If it still gives you the same issue after upgrading, I would suggest trying it on a blank project first and if the problem still persists, definitely go ahead and open up a ticket with the Support department.

Hmm, I thought I put the version in there before, but I've edited with it now (I'm on the latest released, at writing). I'll raise with support as well, but just wanted to see if it's a bug anyone else is having as well (It's also the lazy option for me as it's easier - slightly - to raise the bug here than it is via the support portal)

Does it by any chance happen on a blank project as well?

By blank project, do you mean new fresh gateway as well? Or just a new blank project in the same gateway?

I tested in the same gateway in a new project and it doesn't have the same issue. Ok, so that means the other project is doing something strange...