[BUG?] Perspective: multiple docks doesn't seem to work


I might be going about this in the wrong way, but I want to have two docked Views at the top, one with app title and navigation, and the other with some critical equipment statuses that are both always displayed stacked at the top. However when I add two Views to the North dock of the page, only the first one shows. I have the same settings for both, apart from the Dock ID’s being set to 1 and 2 respectively. I’ve tried in testing to set the second to show the handle, and when I click on this, the first header disappears and the 2nd header takes its place. Clicking the handle again hides the 2nd header but the 1st doesn’t appear again.

Edit: I’ve worked around this for now by using Flex containers within Flex containers within Flex containers in the original header View :sweat_smile:

Thank you for sharing your experiences with Dock Panels. This is expected behavior as Dock Panels were designed to only have one active per dock location. Unless we find a use case that cannot be accomplished through other means, this is unlikely to change.

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