[Bug?] "Perspective/Permissions" not updating based off of user source

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I'm currently working on creating a status roll to deny access to certain parts of the client or even the whole perspective session. During my troubleshooting with this issue I've found that even though I've updated the user source in my project properties, the rolls that exist in the perspective permissions tab are the same as the old user source. Is this a bug or is there some manual way I need to flip the rolls?

The current rolls in my user source are:

Which is tied to the user source currently selected in my project properties

The ones visible in my perspective permissions tab are:

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Perspective uses the project identity provider setting, not the user source setting.

The project is set to use an identity provider with the same user source.


You are conflating user roles and security levels.

Check the breadcrumb in the screenshot for the settings. Config>Security>Security Levels.

The IDP uses the roles to assign levels, if so configured.

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