Bug - Perspective Pie Chart Error when legend disabled

Hello All,

I get the following error on a pie chart when i disable the legend. it appears to be fine but when i do anything else on the view the error pops up.


if I re enable the legend it looks like this.

The Perspective project is on 8.0.10. it was working fine until this morning which is the same time my colleague did the update so it may be just in 8.0.10

This is probably due to a recent change (8.0.9) which added some functionality to the Pie Chart. We are aware of the issue and will be working on a fix soon (potentially 8.0.11, but no guarantees).

For now, the only way to prevent this is to leave the legend in place.

Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to the update. In the mean time, I think i can get a work around by making a similar shape SVG image and binding the color.