[BUG] Perspective Table selection not updated if selected item is removed


If you have rows in a Table component, select a row, then remove that row from the Table, the row disappears and the row that was below it then replaces its position in the Table with the selected row now highlighting this item. However the selected row data (props.selection.data) still contains the info for the row that was deleted, it isn’t updated with the new row that is highlighted.

I’ve found an icky work around by adding a change script to the props.data to:

previousRow = self.props.selection.selectedRow
previousColumn = self.props.selection.selectedColumn
self.props.selection.selectedRow = None
import time
self.props.selection.selectedRow = previousRow
self.props.selection.selectedColumn = previousColumn

It wouldn’t work without the sleep :face_vomiting:

If you update to at least 8.1.13, we fixed a couple of table selection behaviors that should catch this use case. One in that release and another in 8.1.8.

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I use Ignition v.8.1.25 and it's not fixed yet...