[Bug] Perspective Table Selection not Updating with Data Change

I’ve created a table that has its data written to it via external (Button) script (no Binding). I am updating the edits to the table with an ‘onEditCellCommit’ script:

	newData = system.dataset.setValue(self.props.data, event.row, event.column, event.value)
	self.props.data = newData

However, when the ‘onEditCellCommit’ has fired, the self.props.selection.data does NOT update when the self.props.data changes. It only changes when the focus is lost (subsequently scripting becomes 10x more difficult to capture changes).

Can’t do a refreshBinding() because there’s no binding to refresh.

@cmallonee , care to comment? Is there anything I might be missing?

This sounds like an issue we’re already aware of where the declared selection in props does not update when the data in that row changes (or in some cases is deleted). This issue was resolved in 8.1.7 (issue #1115) and so should be available in the nightly build. I would recommend trying out that build on a separate environment to see if the fix resolved your issue.

Okay, thanks @cmallonee , I’ll test it in our Dev environment and let you know.