[BUG] Perspective - Using Perspective Style with Alarm status table rowStyles background-color style doesn't work unless animated


I have a style that just has the background-color style set to a colour, and this style is applied to e.g.

The background colour style doesn’t do anything. However if I change the Perspective style to animated and set the two keyframes to the same thing, then the alarm rows show with the correct background colour :thinking:

This (unanimated) doesn’t change the background colour, font size is changed (testing if any style works):

This does change the background colour:

I can confirm this problem still exists in 8.1.10. Are there any plans to fix this??

Bug still present in 8.1.20
Please fix.

My band aid fix is to have a script in the start up of the component to clear all background colors. It seems like the bug is when the component first starts up it uses its default backgroundColor values and it overrides any classes that you have defined.
This way you dont need to animate it, it should work with any "static" style class that changes the background color

Bug still there on 8.1.25
See below:

def runAction(self):
	self.getChild("AlarmStatusTable").props.rowStyles.activeUnacked.base.backgroundColor = ""
	self.getChild("AlarmStatusTable").props.rowStyles.activeUnacked.priorities.low.backgroundColor = ""
	self.getChild("AlarmStatusTable").props.rowStyles.activeUnacked.priorities.medium.backgroundColor = ""
	self.getChild("AlarmStatusTable").props.rowStyles.activeUnacked.priorities.high.backgroundColor = ""
	self.getChild("AlarmStatusTable").props.rowStyles.activeUnacked.priorities.critical.backgroundColor = ""