[Bug] Perspective - view output param "Overlay Opt-Out" not being respected

Version: 8.1.7

If you have a view output param configured with a binding with the setting “Overlay Opt-Out” checked, the view can still have an error overlay

I found that the binding will not honor the Opt-out setting until the binding has resolved to a “good” quality at least once, or until the session is active (or in preview mode in the Designer). I was never able to see the quality overlay on an active session, and even in the Designer the overlay disappeared as soon as the session entered preview mode, so this overlay should not affect your sessions in any way. I’ll open an investigation ticket into why it doesn’t work immediately, but I would expect the ticket to be a low priority since this would not have any effect on active sessions.

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Interesting! That explains why it was only appearing on page load. I turned on the Opt-Out setting for every binding but was still getting the error overlay.

For future reference, with overlays that quickly disappear, how can one figure out what is causing the overlay? It’s a pain to try to refresh the page click the overlay icon to see what the popup says.

For anyone playing along at home, just handle the error yourself:

    return value
    return [] # return some good value here