[BUG] Perspective View tree collapses on component rename

When renaming a component inside of a container (deeper than the root level of the view), the container tree in the project browser will collapse all of the components of that container and that container itself. Occurs whether renaming using F2 in the tree or using the META/name property.

Expected Behavior
When renaming the component, the project browser tree should remain in the state it was before, with the component appropriately renamed.


  1. In any view, place a flex container or column container inside the root container.
  2. Place another component inside of that new container.
  3. Rename the deepest component
  4. The project browser tree will collapse the container you created in step 1

Very frustrating when attempting to rename multiple components, or just trying to do things quickly.

Using build: b2019092302 (8.0.5 nightly) on Windows Server 2016 (gateway and designer)

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