[BUG] Perspective Workstation client not falling back to local Gateway


I've got an Ignition Edge Gateway installed on a client and Perspective Workstation (PW) installed with a client configured to the main Ignition (Standard) Gateway, with fallback to local Edge project. I tried unplugging the ethernet from the client and it successfully fell back to local.

This particular client is connected to the main network via a radio link. When I disconnect the radio link, PW has the banner up top saying "No Gateway Connection" but there's no timer to fallback, and it doesn't ever revert to local fallback gateway.

It sounds like the running session isn't notifying the bridge of the connection/lifecycle change. can you attach (or DM me) the workstation.log file from this client?

Just circling back to this. It looks like this was a problem between chair and keyboard :no_mouth: "somebody" hadn't configured the fallback options in the Workstation application