[Bug] Pipeline Notification not matching Alarm Generation

Version: 8.1.7 (b2021060314)

Test Scenario (Memory tags for testing but same behavior as Reference, etc tags)

  • Simple Pipeline Notification, Roster.
  • Memory Tag Alarm is ‘Above Setpoint’

When tag VALUE is changed to be above Setpoint:

  • Alarm is generated (shows in alarm summary)
  • Notification is sent
    (This is what I would expect)


When Alarm SETPOINT is changed in the Alarm configuration to below the Value:

  • Alarm IS generated, however,
  • Notification is NOT sent.

It would seem that not all alarms ‘hit’ the notification pipeline the same way, based on how they are triggered…?

This can’t be expected behavior, can it?
Anyone from IA care to weigh in?

I don’t think that changing an memory tag value in the designer can trigger an alarm (or at least it’s never worked for me). I think it has to change “naturally” for the alarm pipelines to kick off. Would be great if this could be made consistent so testing is easier.

Configure → Alarming → General.

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Thanks @PGriffith, so does that apply to any time the tag parameters have been edited as well as ‘on creation?’

I’m not 100% on the specifics, but yes, I would expect that to be the case. When you edit a tag provider’s configuration, we essentially recreate all the tags in it, so I’d expect that to be treated as an initial event.