[BUG] Power Chart filtered tag browser start path takes ~1min to find results


I've set a tag browser start path, and it takes almost a minute (51.4s) in a client and the designer for any results to actually show up.
v8.1.21 Perspective Trend Filtered PowerChart

I've set the config.tagBrowserStartPath as histprov:SQLServer:/drv:<gatewayname>:default

I actually didn't think I'd supplied the value in the right format and was genuinely getting no results :confused: by chance, I left it alone for a bit and it finally showed up.
With a blank value/start path, it shows up instantly

I am wondering how many tags you have underneath that tag path. Does this happen only with historical tag paths or is it still happening with a regular tag path? Do you have any historical tag paths with fewer tags compared to the historical tag path that you are using?

We can isolate if it is a tag count issue or if you need to open up a ticket with the Support department for this issue that way.

This is actually one of our smaller projects with only around 3.6k historical tags.
I'm not sure what you mean by regular tag paths? I've tried setting config.tagBrowserStartPath to just a basic tag path [default]Area/Path or just Area/Path but neither seem to work (I just get an unfiltered tag tree as if I had set this start path to a blank string)

Edit:Ok, well this is strange. I've set the start path back to what it was in the OP and now it's returning super fast... I'm going to put it down to either my really slow laptop (at times) or a slow VPN connection to site at the time :confused: