[Bug] Problem installing the Quick Start projects

This is for 8.1.3, installed under Linux (but probably for all versions)
(I’m also doing this from memory)

When doing a fresh install of Ignition I decided to do a “Custom” installation of modules and only select the modules that I was going to be using. (Basically I just chose Perspective, Symbols and OPC UA).

I selected the Full Version of Ignition. I was then asked if I wanted to install the Quick Start project. Given that I wanted to understand some navigation schemes I said “Yes - give me the Quick Start”.

The Quick Start installation status dialog box popped up and seemed to run through all of the steps required to install the project. However when I looked at the installed projects on the GW, the Quick Start was missing.

Then when I logged out of the GW the Quick Start installation dialog appeared again and I couldn’t get rid of it. I had to kill the browser window itself.

I repeated this process several times because I was confused by what was happening. It was only when I did a “Typical” installation (with all the modules selected) that I got the Quick Start project loaded.

My guess is that a successful installation of the Quick Start is predicated on the installation of a certain set of modules. I didn’t experiment with what that minimal set of modules was. But IMHO I should not even have been given the option to install Quick Start since it was doomed to fail.

Ideally both the installation of the Quick Start project should be blocked, and a warning message generated when you perform a Custom installation that doesn’t meet the minimal requirements of the Quick Start project.

Hi @peter,

Were there any errors in the wrapper.log? If so could post it or DM me the wrapper.log? I would like to open a ticket if this is the case.

Jonathan C

Sorry, I never looked at the Wrapper log :wink:

I can try it again later today and see what does happen.

I just did another fresh install of 8.1.3 on Ubuntu 20.04.2 This time around I never had trouble with having to kill the browser for whatever reason.

Here’s the modules I selected

QuickStart doing its install

And the GW after the install completed

And the wrapper log

wrapper.zip (6.9 KB)

Alright I have a pretty good grasp at what is happening here. I have opened a ticket internally to address this.

Thanks for reporting and doing a quick check again!
Jonathan C

You people owe me a couple of hours of my life back trying to figure out why the damn thing wasn’t installing! :wink:

On the other hand … keep up the good work :+1:

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