Bug: Project Reports keep Switching

I have a project that contains 5 different reports. I’m running into an issue where sometimes, if I click off of the report and on to another one, it will erase the report I was clicking onto and replace it with the report i was clicking off from. This has happened multiple times and I keep having to recreate the same reports over and over again.

Over this past week, there was nobody touching the project form a designer standpoint. Users were attempting to look at reports and this issue happened again where one report was erased and overwritten to be another report. This time there was nobody fiddling with it behind the scenes.

I am not sure how to fix this problem. I am using Version 7.8.3 of Ignition. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

7.8.3 is an extremely old version. I’d recommend upgrading to the latest version of 7.9 as soon as possible.

There have been a number of bugs fixed since 7.8.3 regarding saving, publishing resources, etc, that could definitely explain this behavior.