[BUG] Projects export from gateway as .ZIP and expect .PROJ on import

As the title suggests, when exporting from the gateway by default we get a ZIP file. Then the importer wants a PROJ file. Renaming the file as a proj works as the interim solution.

What import mechanism are you using (gateway, designer) that expects a .zip? Opening the ‘import project’ menu on the gateway gets me an unbound (“all files”) file picker, and trying to import on the designer gets me a dual (.proj, .zip) file picker.

Exporting from the gateway gives a zip with no option for proj.

Importing from a file to the gateway gives the option for ‘All Files’ but then complains.

**my 8 beta is about a week old.

This was fixed some time last week. Try upgrading your gateway and giving it another try.

Just to be sure.

Ignition 8 is exporting zip files instead of .proj files from now on?

I have a client who runs 7.9.9 and I have previously been able to develop windows in the vision module on Ignition 8 (which I am running locally) and then just export the windows and upload them to the clients gateway. But 7.9.9 expects .proj files and not zip files. So this approach won’t be possible from now on?

You can just rename the file extension pretty sure proj is just a zip

You’ve lucked out with this approach. You should never export something from a newer version of Ignition and expect it to work in an older version, we don’t preserve compatibility in that direction.

Try it from 7.9.10 to 7.9.9 – you’ll see that v8’s behaviour is the anomaly.