[BUG] Property Binding invalidpathsyntax for items that start with a number

If I have an item in a property binding which starts with a number, it gives invalidpathsyntax. Not sure if this should happen since it is valid to create an item that starts with a number.

I guess the technology isn’t there yet.

Hah, fair. Generally speaking, names starting with digits aren’t encouraged in programming contexts, so we’re just used to that model. Too easy to accidentally interpret something as a value instead of an identifier.

That makes sense as to why it throws the warning, I just find it strange that it will let you name it 1x2, even from the project browser.

The project browser doesn’t discriminate in what it is naming, and I think numeric files are officially supported. So the project browser allows numeric names, but the property editor is smart enough to know better and advise against it.

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