[Bug] Publishing Perspective changes does not update in client

When I save and publish changes to my Perspective project, I get the alert message that the project needs to be updated. Clicking Update Project or allowing the countdown to expire does not update the client with the changes. Even reloading the page doesn’t update the project (how that’s even possible escapes me). I have to close the browser window and start a new one to get the changes.

This is with the latest nightly build in Chrome on my desktop and on iOS 11.3 on an iPhone 7.

This is a known issue that was supposedly fixed in last night’s build. I don’t believe the build made it out in time for early-morning adopters, so you might want to consider downloading the most recent Beta build now if you haven’t taken it already today - or if you did so before ~12:00 Pacific.

I have not seen this issue since I took the most recent build.

Also works for me in the 12/06 build.

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