[BUG]Reading UDT instance parameters with / requires tag provider restart to read changed values

I like to read UDT instance parameters using /-notation instead of dot-notation, as it’s more adaptable to non-UDTs that should be UDTs, but can’t… so that I can still make use of my generic structures. For the non-UDTs I just create memory tags in place of the parameters inside a “Parameters” folder.

E.g. I like to read
{Area/Pump 1/Parameters/DeviceName}
instead of
{Area/Pump 1/Parameters.DeviceName}

However, I’ve just noticed in a new site that the values are only updated when the tag provider is restarted. It will read the old values otherwise. However if I read using dot-notation it reads the correct current value.

Hi nminchin,

Are you using an expression binding or a direct tag binding? I’ve tested the binding with the dot notation and the slash notation in 8.1.20 and did not see any issues with it. Also is this in Vision or Perspective?