[BUG]Redundancy with Multiple Public Addresses


I am currently using version 8.0.15. I am not sure whether the below behavior would be classified as a bug or feature request.

Behavior Experienced: When multiple public addresses are entered into the Public Address filed under Public HTTP Address section, the client can not parse the redundant address correctly.

Behavior Expected: The client should parse the redundant address as a list and try to bind the one that can be resolved.

List of step to reproduce:

  1. Setup two ignition gateways, each with subnet 1, subnet 2 and subnet 3.
  2. Configure redundancy with network bind to subnet 1 or using a computer name
  3. Configure webserver with Public Http address auto detection off.
  4. Fill in the public address with subnet 1, subnet 2 and subnet 3 addresses, separated by comma.
  5. Ensure redundancy is working between gateways.
  6. Create an empty project with designer.
  7. Launch vision client and add the project. Close the vision client after project is added.
  8. Visit the launcher log and I see the unable to parse redundant address warning.
  9. Start the vision client, after open diagnostics, i can see the client can not resolve the backup connection.

I have attached several images with gateway information based on different configurations for your reference.