[BUG] Refreshing the database list in Database Query Browser wipes all queries


Very annoying. All query tabs are cleared when you press “refresh” to update the database list with added tables/schemas.
Also annoying that adding a new query doesn’t also select it. There’ve been so many times I’ve replaced my query by adding a new tab and double clicking on a schema :confused:


Yes, please keep the queries when changing the selected schema.
I’ve had to start over with a lot of queries when selecting a different schema.


Hard agree here. I have a gateway that has both the dev and prod version of the application and is connected to the dev and prod database. It’s annoying when I am trying to compare a difference between dev/prod in the database query browser and switching the schema wipes it. I’ve learned to copy it before and now but still would just be better if it didn’t wipe it.

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I’m actually shocked people use that for actual work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Use whatever tool is made for your database of choice.

It’s a nice convenience as many times just running a few SELECT’s is all the debugging I need to see table column names, and it’s faster/easier than swapping between designer and your db workbench imo.

But I do also have a handful of situations where I don’t have direct access to the database, and Ignition and literally my only view into the db as the credentials are kept by IT (and I don’t have the knowledge to look at Ignition’s internal db to get them lol) so it’s actually very helpful in those cases.

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Yeah I can see the use cases, I was being a bit facetious.
I also use it for quick checks but any serious stuff I just use the workbench.

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Since we are on the topic though - DESCRIBE someTable doesn’t execute in Database Query Designer but executes fine in system.db.runQuery. I use describe a good deal to understand a tables schema. I think it thinks its an update query?


But it works perfectly fine in scripting

Yes, the query browser has to infer from the text whether it should use update vs. select. There are many syntax variants among DB brands that it doesn’t understand.

Ah ok. For some reason I thought maybe the JBDC you use for the db connection would be assisting with this and “know” that DESCRIBE is a select. Not a big deal since it still works in scripting.