[Bug] Replace all on selected text is not working good

Hello. When i try to replace all on selected text, and if i add more chars, the selection text chars numbers doesnt refresh. Example:

print '$ $ $ $ $'


Result of replace all:

The same for Ign 8 , 7.9 and 7.8.
If you do one by one, it’s works fine.

Huh. That’s a pretty strange bug. The good news is it should be fixed pretty soon, because we’re replacing the script editors entirely, and I wasn’t able to reproduce the same problem in the new ones.


That’s an awesome news, could you tell us in which release we will probably see the new editor?
As for the actual Ignition release, could you tell me or link me to some documentation, about which is, if it does exists, the best way to write jyhton for ignition? If there is any way to use for example an external IDE?

Possibly as soon as 8.0.11, but there’s a long tail of QA effort, since it’s affecting literally every area with scripting in the designer.

No; it’s something we’d like to support, but there’s significant technical hurdles due to the way the Designer interacts with the gateway.

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Can you tell us when it hits the nightlies? I want to run extra tests on my Ethernet/IP module when it hits.

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I tried to replicate this behavior and this is the odd result