[Bug Report] Gateway Network Status Page sorts as string instead of integers

I was trying to sort the fault and latency fields on the gateway network status page and they are being treated as strings instead of integer fields. The ping field makes a little sense as the 'ms' is appended to the end of it, it would be nice to change the sort function to sort by value instead though. The Fault Count field is the same way.

Version: 8.1.28

This is a longstanding bug and, unfortunately, unlikely to be fixed in 8.1 at this point. However, the new gateway web UI coming in 8.3 will not have this issue.

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Is 8.3 a typo or is 8.2 getting skipped? Or just really far down the line?

For (sorta) valid reasons, we're "skipping" 8.2 and going directly to 8.3. Expected release ~end of 2024. (Historically; even releases were not long term support, and it's been so long since 8.1 was first released that we don't want to leave a gap in LTS coverage).

Some more info here:

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