BUG REPORT: Issue with style position fixed

I have a view where I added position fixed to the style of the root. It works as expected in the client, but on the designer, if I click on any of the children of the root, then the view crashes. The only way to fix it is to set the position back to relative, change what I need to change, then put it back to fixed. As a work around, I added a binding to it that checks if I am on the designer and set the position accordingly. It works, but not ideal.

And while we are on the topic of position, when I do position absolute, on the designer, the object is moved to where I indicate, but the border indicating the object selected is not moved with it. This is more annoying than it is a real problem, but if you are fixing one issue, maybe you could look at the other too.

Hi @ToMakPo,

I'd recommend posting this to the Inductive Automation Feedback site (https://ideas.inductiveautomation.com/). That's where they collect bug reports, feature requests, and other ideas from the community. You can go there to see if other's are having a similar issue and upvote it or comment on it, or to post something yourself.

Not bug reports. Those go to support.

Some of this inconsistency in the designer might be fixed in 8.1.28 with the update to the bundled browser library.

Is there a site for that? Or would we just email our IA contact directly?

Direct link is here. Also in IA's main site menu as "Support" => "Help Center".

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