Bug Report::Problem with perspective component when using a column view

Ignition Platform 8.0.8

I am using a Perspective Component within column view.
When drag-drop a LED Display or a Thermometer within colomns that is more than the first one, the anchors to control width or height are broken (the blue square around the component). The anchors stays in the first column even if the component is mooved within another column.

This was a problem we were aware of and it should have been fixed for 8.0.8. Let me ask around and see what happened.

I was thinking of a similar issue. This issue HAS been fixed, but that fix is only present in 8.0.9 nightlies at this time.

Second Edit: This fix is in the 8.0.10 nightlies.

Hi, Look at the attached screenshot. We installed 8.0.9 and the issue is always there. The Blue selector is offset.

We had an issue with 8.0.8 which precipitated an urgent release of 8.0.9. As a result, the content which had been slated for 8.0.9 was pushed to 8.0.10, and a sort of “hot fix” for 8.0.8 became 8.0.9. The fix I previously declared as being in the 8.0.9 nightlies was true at the time but because of the urgent fix is now part of the 8.0.10 nightlies. I’ll update the previous comment to reflect this.