[Bug Report] The 'Wrap in container' right-click menu feature is missing when more than one component is selected

The 'Wrap in container' right-click menu feature in Ignition Designer's Perspective IDE is not available (missing) when more than one component in the view is selected. Not sure if that is somehow intentional but it really limits the utility of what could otherwise be a great feature.

Ignition v8.1.26

After starting the post above, I did find another forum thread (from v8.1.4) where it was stated that it was an intentional decision to limit use of the feature to selection of single components. However I think it worthwhile discussing the possibility of now improving utility of the feature by allowing it to include selection of multiple components.

For the case of using "wrap in container" to wrap a bunch of components that exist in an coordinate container to a new coordinate container the options seem fairly straight forward.

  1. Create a new coordinate container that directly matches the size and coordinates (positioning) of the parent coordinate container and leave all selected components at the same position that were in the parent coordinate container. This effectively creates a new overlapping layer for grouping components.
  2. Create a new coordinate container just large enough to contain the selected components given their relative positions and position that new coordinate container such that wrapped components visually maintain their relative position with the parent container.
  3. Just dump all the selected components in the new container and let the user sort it out.

I guess I'd just really love to have a way to wrap multiple components in a new container and don't mind if that creates an unorganized mess that I would then have to apply order to. I'd just appreciate the option.

I'm not clear on the complications with percent mode, don't think I use that (something to learn), but I will stick to the idea that Ignition should let me create my own mess to clean up. I primarily use Flex containers and thus have to get particular about the order of components anyway (Ignition could use some vast improvements to ease the ordering of components in a flex container but that is a rant for another time).

I can see why one might want to prevent multi-selection "wrap in container" feature when there are sub items from multiple containers selected but, other than prioritization of developer efforts, I fail to see any compelling reason why one would intentionally limit the feature to prevent inclusion of multiple components at the same level in an existing container.

If there are legitimate reasons to limit the feature with multiple components selected within say a coordinate container then could we still allow it to wrap multiple components in a flex container to another flex container as I don't think any of those arguments would apply to that case.

I wasn't sure if proper etiquette was to revive the old thread or create a new one. I created a new one.

If this thread can help persuade developers to consider inclusion of a multi-select "wrap in container" feature then great! Feel free to support my cause with your comments and upvotes.

Otherwise, if there are compelling reasons why that feature will/may never happen then I am receptive to that feedback as well.