[Bug] Reports loses table contents when sending a project to a gateway with a lower version

1. The behavior I unexpectedly encountered

  • Report lost all cell formatting in a table component when sending a project to a lower version gateway.
  • Viewing the project will show the report with the header text, but all table text is missing. The report contains multiple pages, as would be expected due to the table grouping, but no table text or cell formatting is visible.
  • Opening the editor in the project in the designer for the 8.1.23 gateway shows nothing in the table except for the Data Key and Grouping in the Property Inspector > Configure Table.
  • No structure exists in the Project Browser for subcomponents of the table (TextShape)

2. The behavior I was expecting to see

  • The report 1:1 as it was in the originating project.

3. A list of the steps I took that exposed the issue -

  • Used the EAM to create gateway task: "Send Project"
  • Sent project to a gateway with version 8.1.23 from 8.1.32

4. A list of helpful information about the situation

  • The Ignition version numbers: Source - 8.1.32, Destination - 8.1.23
  • The Module name and version number: Source - Reporting 6.1.32 (b2023091211), Destination - 6.1.23 (b2022121308)
  • I fixed the report in the 8.1.23 gateway and repeated the Send Project operation to two 8.1.24 gateways and it worked flawlessly.

Sending to older versions has never been officially supported. It works (can only possibly work) only if the underlying technology used in every resource is unchanged between versions. Which is pretty unlikely, except for very simple cases.

You could open a support ticket, but you'll be told up upgrade the older server.

Prior to v8.0, the attempt would be immediately rejected. That was relaxed to allow for the very simple cases.