[Bug] Scaling Gauges and PieChart

I'm trying to use either a gauge or a pie chart as a progress wheel, but I'm seeing some strange behavior when I set the height/width smaller than 75px. The scaling of the chart is linear and the position is centered at 75px or higher, but as I shrink it smaller, it aligns itself to the bottom right corner and shrinks exponentially. At 35px the chart is no longer visible as it has shrunk into the corner of its container.

Hi Samuel,

Is this behavior in the Designer? What version of Ignition are you on? Can you please post a screenshot/screen recording of the behavior?

Yes, it's behaviour in the designer in version 8.1.22, here's some screenshots:




Can you please upload a project export of a view exhibiting this behavior?

Resource_2022-12-19_0750.zip (5.4 KB)