[Bug] Scrolling in View editor when initially opened

This is 8.1.17, Perspective, running on Ubuntu

I am editing a Perspective project and I open up a view, and that view is larger than can be fully shown on the screen, so the Perspective view editor shows vertical scroll bars.

Without clicking on any objects, I use my mouse wheel to scroll down to the object that I am interested in (typically an embedded view) and click on it. (the same thing happens if I click and drag on the scroll bar)

At which point the view editor reverts to the originally opened view (with the scroll bars at the top of the view) and selects whatever object is now below the mouse cursor.

Note that when I open the view editor and click on blank space before scrolling down, then the view editor correctly selects the object I was interested in.

Note also that when the editor shows horizontal scroll bars, and I have have to scroll horizontally to find an object at the top of the panel (EG no vertical scrolling), then the view editor doesn’t reset the panel to the left hand side. But there is a weird re-draw artifact of the panel