[BUG] some expression are not re-evaluated in vision property binding

@awalker, @PGriffith
I have expression on vision component property working fine in 7.9.
I’ve converted the application to 8.0.3-nightly. The same expression are not well refreshed.

The data property of a component Powertable is binded to the folowing expression

if(len({Root Container.TabParam.subData})>0,
columnRearrange({Root Container.TabParam.subData},

When the content of the custom property subData change, the expression seems not to be re-evaluated.

I’ve added a button with the following code to force a refresh, and in that case, the powertable display the updated data.


Sounds like a bug.

How exactly do you have TabParam.subData configured? Is it an expression off TabParam.data? If refreshing TabParam.data using system.db.refresh() is updating the custom property then it sounds like you have a query binding that is not polling.

subData is Dataset custom parameter of the PowerTable.
The value of subData is updated by a script.

When subData change, data is not updated by the expression.
If I force the expression to evaluate with system.db.refresh, it is ok until the next change of subData.

I’ve added another another powerTable to debug the content of subData, with a binding to the data property. The data are displayed are OK.

That why I suspect the expression not to be well evaluated.

Can you send the view with this power table and script you are using? If not this will probably be better handled by support. We have not been able to replicate this internally. Using the expression you provided, when the dataset in the custom property was updated, so was the data property.

I forgot to mention another binding on the columnsAttributteDate property of the powerTable.
I send you in a PM an export for this view.

I’m sorry, even with the export you’ve provided I am not able to replicate using the expression you have set up and the powertable. I only changed the expression to fit a dataset I had configured and changed via script and it updated appropriately on my machine. Sadly, at this point my only suggestion is to contact support.

Thanks, I will check with a more récent nightly or the final 8.0.3 and the contact the support if I reproduce the bug.

I have upgraded to Ignition 8.0.4-NIGHTLY - 21/08/2019 and I have still this issue.

I have seen something similar. I have vision bindings bound to a row/column in a client dataset tag. Sometimes the expression does not update when the dataset changes. I’ve had to create a custom property that is bound to client tag and then bind the expression to the custom property.
I just tried to create a simple example, but of course it works on there.