[BUG] system.gui.transform on line shape ghosts it


I found a bug, trying to transform the position of a line shape to a new x position. Doing the exact same thing as below on a rectangle (for example) works as expected.

I’m testing an idea, and trying to transform the selected large line in the screenshot, by moving it along the x axis within the Template bounds, based on a Value custom property.

This is what should happen (transform applied to rectangle without stroke), after changing the Value custom property:
transform on line 3 - working
This is what happens (transform applied to a line shape), the line just disappears:
transform on line 2

I have 3 properties defined on the line:
StartX is the left bound x position, Length is the right bound x position, and Value is the value along the line (this not the X position value, but an engineering value that I use with an eng max to scale and produce a corresponding x position within the two bounds)

This script is defined on the propertyChange event of the line (duration is 40s so I could try to see if it actually moved somewhere):

if event.propertyName == 'Value':
	startX = event.source.StartX
	length = event.source.Length
	PVFullRange = event.source.parent.getComponent('Level Indicator').capacity
	newX = startX + (event.source.Value / PVFullRange) * length
	if newX >= startX and newX <= startX + length:
		system.gui.transform(event.source, newX = newX, duration = 40000, acceleration = 4, coordSpace = system.gui.COORD_DESIGNER)

This is what happens in runtime to the properties when I change the Value:
transform on line - This is the X, Y, and Width values as the transform acts on them (X and Width are changing) Interestingly, the width started at 0 and is changed by the transform?
These are the resulting end values after the transform, but the line is nowhere to be seen

When i try to move the line around with the mouse keys, this happens:
Entering values into the X and Width does nothing, and moving it again with keys brings back the squares. Changing the Angle to something else makes the squares appear for all 4 position values…