BUG: Table fields not ediable after setting data

This one took a long time to figure out, but I bumped into a nasty problem.

I made a table with some data, and set the columns to be editable.
At this point, I was able to edit the data, and the cellEdited function was executed.

But when I assigned a new dataset to the table data (table.data = system.dataset.toDataSet([...], [...])), I was no longer able to edit the data.
When checking it in the designer, the editable checkmarks on the table were unchecked, but they were still checked in the column attributes dataset.

Is this a known bug? And is there a solution for it?

Edit: I’m using Vision 8.0.13 at the moment

When you assign a new dataset and the column names are different, I’d expect the editable properties to reset. Is this the case for you?

I’ve experienced this with Vision when I’m “clearing” out a dataset and the way I preserve column settings is:

table.data = system.dataset.toDataset(system.dataset.getColumnHeaders(table.data), [])
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No, the column names are the same.

I can’t reproduce this in 8.0.14. Are you able to update to see if that resolves your issue?

Edit: demo below

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Thanks a lot. It looks like this was the correct solution after all. There must have been a small difference between the headers I gave and the headers that were already on the table. But by taking the existing headers it does work again.

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