[BUG] Tag Browser and Mods issues

Hey guys,

I seem to just be having a very buggy time with the tag providers. I’ve got multiple gateways with multiple providers each.Pretty much every tag is driven by nested UDTs.

Quite often when I go to do a bulk tag edit within a UDT, by selecting 2 or more tags and editing a common property, the tag editor window will hang and the only way to escape is to kill via task manager.

Anyone else experiencing the same issues?

Effectively it kills the tag providers, needing an ignition restart.


Logs from your server (either the wrapper.log(s) or a log export) would be useful to see whether we’re logging any indication of what the problem is.


wrapper.log (1.8 MB)

@joshdunstan sorry for the delayed response, but if you’re still having these issues on the latest nightly, could you send in a tag export or .gwbk? I can send an upload link if you aren’t able to send it via the forum - let me know.

Confirming this is no longer an issue for me