[BUG] tags.eventscripts.dispatcher Error

Dear all,
I am currently using the build b2019032509.
I would like to call a function inside the “valueChanged” event of a tag.

The function to be called is something like “fer.util.log.info()” where “fer” is the primary package inside the “Project Library”.


Whenever I trigger that tag, I receive the following error:

How can I solve this issue?
Thanks a lot.


Make sure you have specified the ‘Gateway Scripting Project’ in your gateway settings. Truly global resources (ie, tags) don’t know what project to reference to find scripts anymore, so you must specify the reference for them.

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Dear Paul,
thank you for your answer: the function call now works fine.
Unfortunately, every project has tags (belonging to the Tag Provider of the project) that call the project library functions.
I can not define a “Gateway Scripting Project” common for all the projects.
I would expect that every Tag Provider, referenced to a specific project, had the same scope of the project library.

Tag Providers don’t belong to a project, they are globally defined resources just like tags.

Even in 7.9 you could only reference global scripts, not project scripts, in your tag event scripts.

The equivalent in 8.0 would be to have a “global” parent project that all your other projects inherit from and is set as the “Gateway Scripting Project”. In fact, you’ll find this is what happens by default on an upgrade from 7.9.


Thank you very much, Kevin.