[BUG] Template Path Binding on Popup View

I have two templates that are identical sizes with different content inside. I swap the template path based on the type of component. (between the paths “Pumps/Status/XF” and “Pumps/Status/XF_Blower”).

The path bindings seem to work fine in preview mode, but then once I launch the project I run into some odd issues.

The first time I call for the popup, the template path binds just fine (I’ve added a binding from the template path to the label on the screen for convenience):

But then I close this popup and open the same popup for a different pump and it doesn’t work correctly.

You can see the path is “Pumps/Status/XF” which is the correct path.

Then, when I go back to the first pump I have the same issue:

And again, “Pumps/Status/XF_Blower” is the correct path.

If I save the project (without changing anything) and open the second pump’s popup the template binds just fine:

and then opening the first pump’s popup the issue reappears.

I can force the Cache Policy for the popup to “Never” as a workaround, but that’s not quite ideal.

I think this is a bug we fixed in the 8.1.X line somewhere.

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