[BUG?] third party script function without vision client scope can't be imported in designer console

Ignition 8.1.3

When I add some script function in a module,
if those script function are exposed for gateway only scope, I can use them in perspective view in the designer with no issue.
Autocompletion is ok.

But in the designer console, only the script function with a vision client scope are exposed and can be used.
Function with only a gateway scope can’t be used in this context : error on import and no autocompletion available.

It would be usefull to be able touse those kind of function from the designer console too !

Add them to Designer-scope then? There is a DesignerModuleHook.

It seems that script functions added in gateway module hook are automatically added in “perspective” designer area.

Script console must be the exception ?

Can be linked with:

Yes, but the difference is that the script console never runs in gateway scope. Perspective always runs in gateway scope.