[BUG] TimeSeriesChart breaks when dataset updates when zoomed in

I get this error when the chart is zoomed in and when the underlying dataset updates.

I’m running version 8.0.6 (b2019111216)


Hi @paul.longtine, any other steps to replicate besides zooming in on a dataset update? What type of dataset are you using (Tag History, DB Query, etc)? Any other config that might be worth noting?

The dataset is from a Tag History binding. When the dataset updates there is a column added (inserting another tag path to the history query, specified with a reduced column header name). The TimeSeriesChart component configuration has an individual trend for every possible column that could exist in the Tag History query, where each trend uses an individual axis that specifies the min/max values. The entire configuration of the TimeSeriesChart is static besides configuring the ‘visible’ property of a trend when the user selects which datapoints to trend. Such that, when another tag is added to the tag history query, the trend corresponding to that particular tag becomes visible. All other configuration is static other than the visible property for each plots[0].trends[n]. The configuration is complete static for each plots[0].axes[n] besides the plots[0].axes[n].min and plots[0].axes[n].max which on certain axes get a computed value from a property binding.

The screenshot I provided is rendered in Firefox, which has a very unspecific error message as depicted. This issue also appears in Chrome. The error message that appears when rendering the page in Chrome displays “Cannot read property ‘normal’ of undefined” in Chrome, which leads me to believe plots[0].trends[n].columns[0].styles is somehow null once it gets into the chunk of code the browser runs?

Thanks Paul, I appreciate the background info! Would you be willing to DM me a copy of a project backup so I can reproduce the error?