[BUG]Touch events does not show up with property's in designer

What I want:
I want to create a field into perspective where an user can draw their signature.
With the lack of a build-in signature field I came up with the following.

I have a viewbox on my view.
The viewbox contains 1 element, this is a path.
This way I create a svg that draws the signature.
What I need to give the right coordinates to the svg path I have to use a touchevent.
However it seems like the touchevent doesn’t have all of it’s propertys within Ignition.

See what options it should have:

See what Ignition gives me:

Exactly: I am missing the property’s which give me the information for the location.
In the mouse event this works correctly but not with the touchevents.
I cant use the mouse events in perspective on a mobile phone.

Bumping this to promote this feature request on the ideas page (<–please click and vote if you think this is a good feature :wink: ). I’m stonewalled without any means of getting XY coordinates on a confirmation slider on mobile. Not having coordinates greatly limits the usefulness of touch events, which seems counter-intuitive to Perspective’s purpose.

It feels bad to get a custom component working that you intended for mobile and only have it be usable on desktop.