[BUG] UDT/binding no longer showing up in Designer after update to 8.1.19

Hi all,
My company recently updated from 8.1.16 to 8.1.19. I just noticed one of the UDTs on my flex repeater is no longer displayed along with the binding. The project browser still shows the chain binding icon and the project has the expected values as if the UDT and bindings were in place. One issue with this situation is that I don’t have an apparent way to modify or check the binding script if anything goes wrong. Let me know what further information is needed to resolve this issue.

Hi Chris,

In regards to your concern, I highly suggest that you reach out to our Support Department and create a ticket regarding this issue. Upon creating your ticket, could you elaborate more on what is exactly missing from your project after upgrading to 8.1.19? Additionally, if you could provide some screenshots and/or a project export attached to your ticket could be very helpful for the Software Support Engineer in identifying/isolating this issue.


Is there any chance you could provide some screenshots here? Pictures can give us a much better idea of what you’re describing.

My apologies for the late response, I originally didn’t include a screen shot because I can’t take a picture of something that isn’t present. In this case I was able to resolve the issue myself. For anyone who may run across this issue in the future: I created a new custom property and named it the same as the missing custom property. Once I did that, the binding automatically appeared on it. Thanks