[Bug] UDT Parameter with same name as nested tag results in null

I think I’ve come across some unexpected behavior / bug with UDTs. I created a new UDT with some nested memory tags. When I create a parameter on the UDT with the exact same name as the nested tags, the value of the nested always show null.

When I rename the parameter / tag name so they’re different, it works as expected.

Not a bug. Parameters and tags are in the same namespace, so you simply cannot have duplicates.

May I suggest having something that warns the user of the naming collision or prevents them from using the same name since it won’t work? I was troubleshooting this issue not realizing it wasn’t working because of the naming conflict. I was grabbing at straws when I tried renaming it and found out it worked when the names were different.

It’s been suggested a number of times. Not a high priority, I suppose.