BUG? - UDT Properties linked to Parameters show the {parameter name} if the value is left blank and never edited

We have a UDT with properties that are simply set up as Memory tags tied to a parameter of that UDT. We’ve noticed an issue where if we never click on the cell for a specific parameter (in this case the type is a String) and leave the cell blank that any instance of that UDT shows the property linked to that parameter as the parameter name, instead of the value (in this case, a blank string).

Look at NewParentTagPath in these screenshots.



If you go get the value of that parameter (via script for example) it will give you a unicode string value u’{NewParentTagPath}’ so it’s not just showing that as a placeholder.

We are able to correct the problem by simply going into the Instance OR (for a more permanent solution) the UDT Definition, clicking on the cell for the parameter and editing it, putting it back to blank, and accepting those changes. Once we do that the property is treated how we’d expect and is blank.

One additional note - even after editing the parameter cell in the UDT definition and leaving it blank the UDT definition shows the parameters linked to the properties, however when we spin off a new instance it functions like we’d expect