[BUG] UDT tags not always inheriting their parents parameters

I have an OPC address i would like all the childs of my UDT to inherit. Sometimes the parameters are not properly inherited.
I see the address substituted as
Insted of:
Picture of a member of the UDT which dont work:
Picture of a member of the same UDT which actually work:
Paremeter input for both child UDTs (P_Alarm):

Sidenote, i cant seem to create this bug when I create a UDT from scratch. It could be that the bugs originates from the conversion from 7.9 to 8. Anyways, I am currently not able to bypass this bug (and creating all the UDT’s from scratch would take a long time)

Nightly build (last week)

Might be best to get into contact with Support about this one. If you can, be prepared to share a 7.9 gateway backup or tag export, and details on a specific UDT where the UDT parameters did not convert as expected.

Ok, I actually found a work around last night:
For each UDT child (which is also a UDT), using passed parameters:
adding a character to each parameter
removing the character again

This solved the issue,

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