[BUG] Unable to add SMS to users without SMS notification module

I have 2 gateways connected via the GAN, where one has an SMS modem connected and the SMS notification module installed. I'm accessing this through the GAN as a remote notification profile from the other Gateway, however I'm unable to add SMS contact info to a user from the GW config page without the SMS notification module installed. I either have to install the unlicensed module and deal with the "trial period expired" banner, or use scripting to add SMS contact info to the relevant users :confused:

I'm sure this was just a case of "it would be useful to not show SMS info if they can't use it", but it can actually be used in this situation. It would also be useful to be able to preconfigure users with all the contact info we can at the start of a project anyway, in case they do end up using it in the future. same with email

Shhhhh! That's the bug that will get fixed.

is this the elusive bug that will get fixed some time in the "future"? Or it's actually scheduled?

I don't think it's controversial to say that the gateway's user edit form is in need of a refresh. Good news... since we're ditching Wicket in 8.3, it's going to happen anyways. We can probably make it a more 'free-form' entry field at the same time.

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In really looking forward to the new gw portal design! It sounded really cool in last year's dev panel