[bug]Unable to import 7.9 project

There are lots of info messages about setting LastModification to “external”.

@BumbleBeeTuna can you upload a full log export, or send it via PM?
Also, I moved this issue into a different thread, since the root issue in the original thread was resolved.

Sent. (sorry, I responded the original thread accidentally).

Do you have any antivirus or other software? The Setting LastModification to "external" lines mean just that - we’re detecting that the files have changed in an unexpected way, and it’s happening an awful lot on your system (unless you kept trying to import multiple times?)

That’s not what’s happening. It’s the first time we’ve seen those files because it’s an import; it’s us writing back to the files with last modification details.

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Tomorrow’s build should actually log whatever error is happening on the gateway.

Zip and upload them here if you can.

Sure. sending now.

Note timestamp: 16:23:49
This was the first failed import which through errors. Subsequent imports didn’t seem to create those errors.

Ignition-BHS-DEV_Ignition_logs_20190319-1553.zip (122.6 KB)

I will report back tomorrow.

Hi Kevin, I just upgrade and imported with the same results (b2019032002). Does this suggest the issue is the OS?

Can you attach your logs again?

Ignition-BHS-DEV_Ignition_logs_20190320-0930.zip (267.0 KB)

Well best I can tell now it’s failing because a project by that name already exists.

Admittedly, I was importing the project several times and the duplicate name was my fault. However, for a clean start I uninstalled and installed today’s build and the only thing I’ve done on that gateway is import the project with the same results; gateway says it could not import the project but resides in the project list.

Here are the gateway logs:
Ignition-Ignition_logs_20190320-1502.zip (22.7 KB)

@BumbleBeeTuna Are you still experiencing this behavior? If so, please reach out to support@inductiveautomation.com, and reference this post.


I am also experiencing the same problem for using ignition 8.0.1.

I am trying to import a ver 7.9.9 project file, which i named it Osea but it gave me the below error:

Before I import the file, the status of the project in my ignition gateway is shown below:

After the import error, I went back to my project table, the Osea project appeared in the table:

What also surprised is that I can open the project file and edit in designer.

Anyone could advise why is it so ?

@ngchonghan Were there any errors in the gateway logs that you could post to help give us more of an idea what went wrong?

Jonathan C

Hi Jonathan,

As requested, please find the attached logs.

For your info, we are still encountering the same problems.


Ignition-SMS2IA-PC_Ignition_logs_20190604-0843.zip (822.7 KB)