[bug]Unable to import 7.9 project

Ignition-BHS-DEV_Ignition_logs_20190320-0930.zip (267.0 KB)

Well best I can tell now it’s failing because a project by that name already exists.

Admittedly, I was importing the project several times and the duplicate name was my fault. However, for a clean start I uninstalled and installed today’s build and the only thing I’ve done on that gateway is import the project with the same results; gateway says it could not import the project but resides in the project list.

Here are the gateway logs:
Ignition-Ignition_logs_20190320-1502.zip (22.7 KB)

@BumbleBeeTuna Are you still experiencing this behavior? If so, please reach out to support@inductiveautomation.com, and reference this post.


I am also experiencing the same problem for using ignition 8.0.1.

I am trying to import a ver 7.9.9 project file, which i named it Osea but it gave me the below error:

Before I import the file, the status of the project in my ignition gateway is shown below:

After the import error, I went back to my project table, the Osea project appeared in the table:

What also surprised is that I can open the project file and edit in designer.

Anyone could advise why is it so ?

@ngchonghan Were there any errors in the gateway logs that you could post to help give us more of an idea what went wrong?

Jonathan C

Hi Jonathan,

As requested, please find the attached logs.

For your info, we are still encountering the same problems.


Ignition-SMS2IA-PC_Ignition_logs_20190604-0843.zip (822.7 KB)