[BUG] Unable to reorder component in Flex container if other components not displayed


If you have a bunch of components within a flex container with some of them with Display set to false, then moving a component around within the View will force it to the very end, with no way to move it to any other position without making every component’s Display = true.

Edit: if the component is directly beside other components that are displayed, then you can swap positions with them, however if there is a non-displayed component, you can’t get passed it.


Here’s an example. I’m trying to move the flex container above some of the components above it, however there’s a non-displayed component just above it, and the only place I can move it to is the very top… Event dragging it to the top, letting go of the mouse, and trying to drag it from the top, down, it still gets back to where it started. Very annoying!

Is there anyway to work around this?

I had the same problem.
Instead of dragging the one component up, I had to drag all the other components down to below the one I wanted in a different position. It was painful, but it worked in my case.

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