[Bug] - Unable to Shutdown Gateway

  1. The behavior you unexpectedly encountered
    Unable to shutdown Gateway

  2. The behavior you were expecting to see
    Gateway Shutdown

  3. A list of the steps you took that exposed the issue - including your starting point.
    Open Terminal
    Type in ignition stop

  4. A list of helpful information about the situation you were in, such as:
    Ignition version number 8.0.0-beta1
    iMac with Mac OS 14 Mojave 10.14

Error Message
ignition stop
Stopping Ignition-Gateway…
/usr/local/bin/ignition: line 1580: kill: (2627) - Operation not permitted
Unable to stop Ignition-Gateway.

You might need to use sudo to stop it.

Thanks…that was it

Whether or not this is necessary might depend on if you used the installer or the zip package… not sure.