Bug updating from 8.1.6 to 8.1.23

Hi guys, we have just updated Vision from 8.1.6 to 8.1.23 and there is this bug in the Button components. I can't figure out how this works but when I have more Button in one page, the background of only one looks different between the other. As you can see in pictures attached the color should be a kind of yellow, but is shown like a blue.

Hello Aiasa21,

I just wanted to get some clarification on your issue by asking the following questions.

Did you notice this issue previously on 8.1.6 or after updating to 8.1.23? Would it be possible to replicate the issue with a new vision window and new buttons with the same configuration?
In your project, are there any scripts or bindings at play when configuring your buttons within your window?

Hi Patrick, actually I solved by disabling the property "Default Button" under "Behavior" folder.

I don't know if this property existed in 8.1.6 or if it was disabled by default. Anyway unchecking it the color back to the one I selected.

Thanks for the help.