[BUG] updating to 8.1.7, blank screen on Tizen Browser

Updated to 8.1.7 from 8.1.3

SCADA is displayed on a Samsung smart signage display, this uses the Tizen browser (2.1.1)

After updating the gateway the screen loads correctly (without any error logs) but then the main page is completely white. Not a massive thing for me, I am going to add some sort of computer with an HDMI cable as the current solution is very slow, but I figured I would report it anyways

Unfortunately I see no logs that show any sort of error, nothing in wrapper.log either

This might be a known regression that’s fixed in 8.1.8 - are you able to try a nightly build?

The system is still in it’s beginning stage, so yes I could. Any idea when 8.1.8 would be stable?

Also could you give insight to what this issue might be?

As I understand it, we upgraded a dependency, but the new version relies on certain methods that aren’t available in some browser contexts. The fix is to use something called a polyfill; a scripted method to deliver the same result even if the “native” method isn’t available on a particular browser.

The release note item calls out iOS, but we’ve seen reports of issues on other systems: Nightly 8.1 Changelogs - 2021 - #94 by sreis

Projected release of 8.1.8 final is early August.

Okay thanks, I will upgrade to the latest nightly build and give you feedback tomorrow

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Same issue on iPhone - see forum post here. Would be very helpful if you could report whether updating to the nightly build fixed that bug for you. Its more difficult to move two production systems to a new version without an update schedule.

Thanks in advance!

Good news!

Back and running again, I upgraded to the latest nightly build.

On a side note, the tizen browser is crap, let’s be honest. I expected a lot of issues, but it has been running okay for the last couple of months, figured that maybe the browser isn’t that bad, not realising that IA had to pull all kinds of tricks to get it working. Very impressive guys, keep up the good work

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